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  Beata Howe Workshop

at the

Kansas City Swing Dance Club

14-16 August 1998
Beata Howe (top left corner, center and across the bottom) is one of the top swing dancers in the country as well as among the finest instructors in the country. Not just my opinion either. (Pronounce Beata like "oughta be" and reverse the "be" and the "oughta.")
She is funny, articulate and very straightforward. You will hear her trademark "Ye-e-e-a-a-a-A-A-HHH!" from way across any room. I would describe it if I could. You just have to be there. Smile.
Contact Information for Beata:
DanceCalendar Record :
Beata Howe, 4806 Fountain Ave. #132, Los Angeles, CA, 90029
Home: 818-500-YEAH, voicemail pager: 972-585-7256, email
Beata sells technical dance videos (with west coast swing applications). On her flyer for the videos Beata says, "With these videos my goal is to attemp to pass along many of the discoveries made in my dancing Ballet, Ballroom, West Coast Swing, Latin, Freestyle and 'Whatever.'"
Her videos include :
Three Technical Videos:
Body Movement and Isolations - $40
Dance and Syncopation Components - $40
Leverage, Compression & Physics of Spins & Turns - $40
and a Pattern Video:
Contemporary Patterns with Beata and Kyle - $30
(prices may change - these are quoted from the August 1998 flyer)