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Sunday Night for the Swing Set - Every Sunday at 9 pm


737 New Hampshire, Lawrence, KS  66044-2737 : Website:

The swing crowd (Sundays) is a late crowd. The doors open at 9 pm and the patrons begin to trickle in. This visit was during spring break so most of the crowd was somewhere else. Still, by 10 or 10:30 it was beginning to get into serious dancing. Most are dressed in "period" going-out fashions. They are doing a mixture of moves from East Coast and Lindy and various other sources.
Dancers at Bottleneck
Dancers do aerials You should have a good time here. The music picks are superb, played from CD's. The only note I didn't like much was the floor. Old hardwood, but certainly not polished like a ballroom, and also pitted in various locations with damage to the flooring. The dancers, however, didn't seem to mind and their patterns were step, step patterns rather than floor-contact motions. In any case we are talking fun here.
Open seven days a week, 9 pm to close (sometimes starting earlier). The Swing Set is every Sunday at 9 pm. 
Overall floor at Bottlenect
Map to Bottleneck
West side of street in storefront, just south of and across the street from the Borders Books store - downtown Lawrence, one block east of Massachusetts Street. Fairly spacious maybe 150 deep x 50 wide. The dance floor is a right triangular area of main floor in the rear half of the club (the opposite triangle is the stage. Booths and tables in the rear section.