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River Market Jazz, Lunch  and Supper

Club 427

427 Main, Kansas City, MO 64105,  816.421.2582
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Overhead shot showing bar, stage and tables
Shot of Scamps with singer Geneva Price.
This is a jazz club with a very small area for dancing just in front of the band. The bandstand is in the SW corner beyond the bar. The area available for dancing is a triangular section of the flagstone floor in front of the bandstand. It is just barely big enough for three couples max. The flagstones are not smooth on top but leather-soled street shoes will work well enough. 

Come here to enjoy music first or music with food. Dancing when the jazz is danceable (such as to The Scamps - shown here ) and there are dancers or come with your own partner. 

Club 427 is in Kansas City's River Market area on the north side of the downtown area and just north of the I-70 / I-35 loop around the downtown. This is also the famer's market area.