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NOTE: Crown Center closed the lobby entertainment. Wes moved over to the Marriott Downtown (see below) for several years with a better room and a host of fans. In early 2003 Wes moved permanently to Las Vegas.

Lobby Lounge in the Westin Crown Center Hotel
Picture of lobby in hotel with piano at rear of shot
Lobby of the Westin Crown Center Hotel. The lobby lounge is a slightly sunken area in the middle of the lobby. The dance floor is in the center of that area, in front of the piano. It is made of nine (three on a side) portable ballroom floor tiles (9x9 feet in all). Small but very servicable. Both local people and travelers come here to refresh.
Wes Winters playing piano
Wes Winters plays piano and sings in the lobby lounge Saturday nights. He has been a staple there for more than half a decade.

This will change April 16th as he moves to the Marriot Hotel at the 12th street Lounge playing Fridays and Saturdays: 8:30 pm to12:30 am.