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Fountain Cafe
On the Plaza
© 1997, Mike Strong
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Fountain Cafe - view of the veranda, evening
The Fountain Cafe is located at the east-side "entrance" to the plaza, the corner of 47th street and J.C. Nichols Parkway. The veranda is very nice with wonderful evening air (open in good weather only). Floor is made of raw concrete tiles and a small area in front of the bandstand (at the far end of this pathway, just the the right of and behind the couple seated in the middle of this picture. The veranda "L's" around to the right across a bar and a larger open table area.
Fountain Cafe - view from the street corner
View from the corner of 47th and J.C. Nichols (looking west). The veranda is above the main cafe whose entrance is on 47th street (left side of the building before you get to the tower, from this angle). To get to the veranda simply enter the main cafe, walk to the center to the stairway. Head up the stairway to the veranda. Because of the floor the dancing is poor. The concrete tiles are very coarsely textured which makes them about as non-stick as you can get. This is better enjoyed for the atmosphere.