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One of the country's top blues clubs (see also)

Grand Emporium

3832 Main, Kansas City, MO 64111
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© 1999, Mike Strong
Front of Grand Emporium, early evening.
Dancers across the floor 
On the evening with these dance shots two swing bands played, Indigo Swing from San Francisco and Big Six from London (at right behind the two dancers)
    Pair swing dancing
Blurred dancers at GE
Table of people next to dance floor.
Dancers from the back of the room.
The Grand Emporium is a true classic dive, dark (these are 4 and 5-second exposures to show the room,  in addition to the flash exposure to image the people), decor is "original" (never designer-touched - note the years of posters on the walls which saves on the high price of wall paper), great live music, is wildly popular, is a true hole-in-the-wall as far as the size across the front of the building and is one of THE KC nightclubs to go to.
Map of Westport area with clubs marked with red crosses.