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Wesport area of Kansas City, MO - 4048 Broadway - 816.753.0884
website (http://www.hurricanekc.com/ no longer goes there) and The Hurricane is no more
Live music seven days a week, Zydeco, Swing, Rock, more.

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  Members of the Dave Stephens band 
    The Dave Stephens swing group, one of the hottest bands in the area, plays swing music from the 30's and 40's. 
Tex and Kurt at Hurricane 
Swing dancers at Hurricane Dancers at the Hurricane doing East Coast Swing
Swing is in, once again. It has been very popular for several years on the coasts and is now reaching the middle of the country. The newest and one of the most enthusiastic group of "swingers" is the young 20's group, much as when swing originated in the 20's and 30's. The just-plain-all-out-fun feeling of swing for these dancers is evident from their faces.
Tex and Kurt, again
Map of westport area with club locations marked