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6301 Blue Parkway, Kansas City, MO 64129, 816.924.6888

© 1999, Mike Strong
A friend of mine who doesn't have parties in bars told me, "If I had a party in a bar, I think I would have a party at Lafferty's."
It is a fun place with a crowd that has middle-class mixed flavor to it. In other words, real folks, a good comfortable feel and maybe a few suspected eccentrics.
Owner and DJ Lin Wong plays wide ranging music, all of it danceable. The crowd gets up and dances, mostly free style and line dance. They have line dance instruction on Tuesdays.
This quote from a table-top display probably best describes the fun and companionable feeling at Lafferty's:
"You've just entered an Irish bar, with a Chinese owner, in a questionable neighborhood, that plays country, rock and oldies with Japanese equipment. 'Go figure.'"