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Between Main and Broadway on 43rd street, the dividing line between Westport and The Plaza. One of the most popular Kansas City watering holes. Good music, crappy but popular dance area, a place to be seen, and more.

The Levee

16 W 43rd Street, Kansas City, MO 64111,  816-561-2821

© 1999, Mike Strong
The lower room has the bandstand. Here it is seen from the front of the building. 

The band is shown here at the start of a late afternoon gig. The crowd soon filled the room and a lot of them danced. 

The dance floor is directly in front of the band. It is part of the overall wood floor and is worn smooth by foot traffic.

The dance floor also has numerous pits and gouges in the wood, enough that you need to be careful not to trip. There is a pole in the middle of the floor which limits your room. Dance in street shoes. 

This is the same room as above but from the back of the building. The dance floor is midway between.

The top floor has additional lounge and eating space. The windows on the left are next to a veranda for outdoor seating. Food is available anywhere in the building. There is also an outside patio in the back.