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Michelle Kinkaid Workshop

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at Kansas City Swing Dance Club: 5, 6, 7 September 1997

Michelle's web page (San Francisco) and email

Video tape order form
Michelle Kinkaid generated so much laughter in her workshop that you could be forgiven for wondering whether a stand-up comic was doing improv in the club house. It was easy to see why she was so very popular the last time she was here. Warm, fun and just a very good teacher, everyone I talked to liked her a lot (me too - of course!). She is very clear in her instruction, very effective. A breath of fresh - a teacher who generates a lot of "ah-ha!" and "of course!" and "by golly!" and "you betcha!" moments.
Michelle and cookie, after she dismembered it.
Michelle ripping apart an innocent cookie.
 Guys huddle with Michelle - are we special or what?
Michelle in huddle with the guys only.
Gals huddle while the guys have to wonder.
Later with the gals only while the guys "worry."
Class swings
The class swings.
Michelle demonstrates a move using Pat
Michelle demos a move with Pat.
Michelle with class
Michelle is out of San Francisco and has regular teaching gigs in the bay area in addition to her travels as a top-ranking swing dancer and a superb workshop teacher. She also has a set of instructional video tapes. They can be ordered from her. At this workshop the tapes sold out fast and the rest of us filled out order forms.


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