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No Place - - ( - no more - )

Name and Format Change - see: Shooters 21

Country-Western Restaurant and Nightclub

822-D San Kar Drive, Grain Valley, MO 64029

This is a good-sized BIG floor, lots of activity and a lot of dance partners. No one under 12 allowed in, all minors must leave by 8 pm. Large building, estimate 120 feet across (spanned by steel arches, no posts) and maybe 250 feet long or more.
Lessons: instructor Karen Hedges   
Thursdays: 6:30-8pm, swing  
Fridays: 6 pm - 8 pm, line dances  
Saturdays: 6 pm - 8 pm, line dances, couples dance
Wed/Thu 6-midnight 
Fri/Sat from 5 pm-3am, $3-cover  
Dance floor is hardwood, 4300sq/ft, about 43x100
To get here, take Grain Valley exit from I-70, go to the frontage road on the south side of the exit and head east four-tenths of a mile. Turn right into the lot. As soon as you see it you will know it can be only one of three things in the world, 1) a used pickup-truck sales lot, 2)an auction or 3) a country-western dance hall.
Karen Hedges teaches dancing at No Place 
Thur: 6:30-8 :Swing
Fri, Sat: 6-8 pm
. On Friday she teaches line dances and on Saturday both line and partner dances. 
Karen also teaches western dancing mondays and tuesdays at City Limits (Hwy 40, Ind.)
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