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Orlando's Nightclub

126 South Clairborne Road, Olathe, KS  00000

© 1999, Mike Strong
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Very nice hardwood floor in superb shape perhaps 40'x35'or more. Nice decor and furnishings. Crowd from 20's to 50's and more with predominance of 20's into 30's. A lot of dancers and a lot of energy. Clean. 
 Nice crowd and good place to go. Louie and Wendy Orlando care about dancing and you can really see that emphasis in the crowd they attract and in the upkeep of the floor and the interior of the club.
To get to Orlando's take the main Olathe exit from I-35 (Sante Fe street exit). Go east to Clairborne Road (first street) and turn south. Orlando's is nestled in the far back corner of the Town Square Shopping Center. You will see a Backyard Burgers and Big Lots on the way. 

Lessons: Line dances, country swing and two-step, (call) Wed, Thur (summer), Sat