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Big Band Sunday

"Blast From The Past" Swing Contest
January 3, 1999

Station Casino

First Sunday of each month, 2-6 pm
See also Big Band Sunday casino pictures.
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Left to right in the bottom picture: Mark Brookstein from Alvin Guggenheim and Associates, representing New Line Cinema, Amy Johnson and Jason Lahey, Frankie Hoang and Shawn Seymour (also shown in top right picture), Scott Hutchinson, TCI, advisor to Truman State University swing club,  Stacy Thomas and Tim Flowers (also shown intop left picture).
This was the second of four first-round contests leading to the city-wide final January 17th at the Grand Emporium. 

"The Blast From The Past" is a movie released by New Line Cinema. The Contests, across the country, were staged as part of the movie publicity. 

Five winning couples at each city level for each of 50 cities were then to be picked based on scores in each city. . Those five couples were then to dance at the movie's New York City premiere party, January 27, 1999.