Greek Restaurant and Nightclub
8411 Wornall, Kansas City, MO  64114 - - 816.363.4776
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Greek restaurant for dinner and dancing: Zaina Ali, the belly dancer, does a great show. Ask Vasilis Vargas, their superb one-man band, to play your request. The dance floor is a clear area about 15x15 feet in the middle of the vinyl tile floor - it is a bit sticky from a little extra ouzo but overall darn good fun.
Dinner, dancing and an warm, effusive atmosphere. If you ever want to look up the definition of HOST, forget the dictionary and come to Tasso's. 

Here life has feeling, flavor, intensity. This is a can't-miss evening. Zaïna, the belly dancer puts on a marvelous show. Vasilis plays just about any music from rock 'n roll to traditional Greek. Tasso Kalliris is more  host and patriarch of a grand family party than a mere MC of a show. You will feel the richness of family and community even though you may never before have seen any of the other diners

No cover. The menu is sumptuous, appetizers are around $5, entrees from around $10 to around $15. and of cource three kinds of Metaxa Ouzo 
Restaurant hours 11am to 11pm, Fri/Sat 11 am - 1:30 am. 

Music Mon-Fri 6-10or10:30, Sat 6:30-Midnight