Atotonilco at the Library - 30 Sep 2007

This was a lecture and demonstration. I did enjoy this. We were taken on a geographic and cultural tour of Mexico, state by state and dance by dance combining a talk given by John Paul Chaurand with PowerPoint slides and dances, each requiring full costume changes. I took pleasure in learning new information and getting a show to boot. I don't know how many showed up but the room was pretty well filled. At the end everyone got into the act as they were invited to the front to do the Mexican hat dance.

The upper room at the Kansas City, Missouri Public Library downtown at 10th and Central, the former bank buildling.

Yep, that's polka!

John Paul Chaurand

A large bow on the final number, just prior to bringing the audience into the act as fellow dancers.

Grupo Folklorico Atotonilco Presentation at the KCMO Public Library

30 Sep 2007 - Kansas City, Missouri - Demonstration and Lecture

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