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Contest night, GE contest and Newline Cinema Contest, 27 Dec. 1998
Tex and Ben teaching
Grand Emporium Combined:
Swing Contest
1 -  Grand Emporium Challenge Contest (GE's dancers challenging MU and KU dancers)
2 - Blast from the Past Movie Contest - See Blast's Swing Steps on line
( This was the first of two rounds of competition, next round Jan 17 )
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Swing contest montage - combined GE contest and Blast contest.
Alvin Guggenheim Associates,  a publicity company representing New Line Cinema's upcoming film, A Blast From The Past was host for swing dance competitions across 12 states across the country to choose 5 couples to dance at the movie's premier in NYC on Jan. 27. 
Two dance competitions at the Grand Emporium in conjunction with GE's Sunday Swing nights: December 27 and January 17. 
From the first round of competition (Dec. 27), three winners (couples) will be picked to be entered in a citywide competition. There will be one grand prize winner from K.C. who will be entered into a lottery for participation in the third round (national level). The five winners (couples) from the national competition will be flown to the premiere (airfare, ground, hotel and incidentals will be covered) and will be showcased at the premiere party in NYC on Jan. 27. 

In addition, the Grand Emporium had already planned a dance competition for Dec. 27 where GE's dancers are challenging MU and KU dancers for prizes. 
Blast's Prizes  

    two T-shirts 
    two Hats 
    two Buttons 
    two special advance screening passes
GE's Prizes  
    First prize is a 6-month. pass to the club 
    2nd prize is $50 cash 
    3rd prize is a CD and tickets