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Dance in the Park - 2006

Photos by Mike Strong -,

Dance in the Park 2006

Photos from the 8th and the 9th of September 2006

Tech and Dress Rehearsals 8 and 9 September 2006
Performance 9 September 2006
Roanoke Park, Kansas City, Missouri
Presenter: Michael Hogge of KKFI
Dance in the Park is an annual cooperative effort of four neighborhoods:
1 - Volker
2 - Roanoke
3 -Valentine
4 - Coleman Highlands

This year's Dance in the Park had more pieces than ever (15) and ran a tight two hours for the 15 performances with a ten-minute intermission. This year the start time was a little earlier and everything was done by 9 pm.

Technical Director and Lighting Designer:
John (Moose) Kimball

Sound Engineer/Operator:
David Kiehl

Stage Manager / Co-Director:
Beth Byrd

Assistant Stage Manager:
Cecilia Rog

Michael Hogge

Dance Organizers:
Judy Widener and Beth Byrd

Scott Burnett, Judy Widener, Beth Byrd

Event Graphics:
Robert Widener, Judy Widener

Volunteer Coordinators:
June Holte, Mark Carr


All-around happenings before, during and after Dance In The Park 2006. (Proofs via 6 thumbnail pages)

Trio from Midtown School of Dance put on a pre-show backstage.

Dance food behind the changing tent.

Kim Shope (Midtown School of Dance) applies makup to one of her young dancers while another three (abvoe) pal around behind her

Anthony DiCarlis (dancing with Wylliams / Henry and with Madison-Cannon Project) and his dog Phoenix. Phoenix is so killer!

Judy Widner and Michael Hogge

Before: Josh Gregory - with props for 940 Dance Co. at rehearsals

City in Motion dancers off of stage right.

After: a fire-eating Josh Gregory -


Children's Improvisation

(Proofs via a thumbnail page) - Professonal dancer in creative movement exercises with children from the audience, on stage.


Midtown School of Dance

Midtown is on 39th Street across from Minsky's. Kim Shope is the owner (above applying makeup). She has a wide range of ballet students and always comes up with routines in which all her students get to participate. (Proofs via 10 thumbnail pages)
"Space Ballet" - ballet
Choreography: Kim Shope
Music: PDQ Bach
Dancers: Tessa Van Dieren, Abigail Krusemark, Amilia Winter, Greer Madole, Meka Kelly, Chyrique Brown, Jade Hernandez, Melissa Lane, Portia Hahn-Leat, Madeline K., Elise C., Kate N., Charlotte L., Mae F., Julissa G., Anna J., Summer K., Alex J., Sage W., Madeline C., Emma S., Lilly D., Mara C., Sarah C., Maggie P., Eleanor N.


(Proofs via 2 thumbnail pages) "Mind and Body" - Indian
Choreography: Janaki Sharma
Music: Kadri Gopalnaath
Dancers: Hema Udupa, Janaki Sharma, Mahima Nataraj, Bhawana Nanaiah, Nandini Sarma, Avanthi Chatharthi, Monica Roy Choudhury
Costumes: Nritya

City in Motion

(Proofs via 5 thumbnail pages) - Modern
1 - "Mahna Mahna"
Choreography: Andrea Skowronek & Company
Music: Cake
Dancers: Dale Fellin, Kat Kimmitz, Sarah Mermis Payne, Crystal Robins, Ann Shaughnessy, Stephanie Whittler

2 - "Snow Day"
Choreography: Andrea Skowronek
Music: Bleu & Dave Dyer
Dancers: (Children's Dance Theater) Amber Brownlee, Leah Brownlee, Heather Chigas, Ahafia Jurkiewicz-Miles, Guthrie Kimball, Willa Knight, Lydia Knopp, MaKenna Lockhart, Greer Madole, Nakysha Osadchey, Marina Vianello

3 - "Goodnight Children Everywhere"
Choreography: Donna K. Frogge
Music: Sixpence
Dancers: Dale Fellin, Kat Kimmitz, Crystal Robins, Ann Shaughnessy, Andrea Skoronek, Stephanie Whittler and members of the Children's Dance Theater

Latin Rythm Dance Productions

(Proofs via 4 thumbnail pages) "Velocity" - Salsa
Choreography: Josh Hernandez
Music: L.A. Mambo Combo
Dancers: Josh Hernandez & Fanny Maldonado
Costumes: Dance Pants and Local Designer

Reach ... a movement collective

(Proofs via 2 thumbnail pages) "Into the Light" - Modern
Choreography: Cecily Oliver
Music: Sarah McLachlan
Reader: Richard Parsons
Dancers: Bobbi Foudree, Kat Kimmitz, Marisa MacKay, Cedily Oliver, Maggie Osgood, Ann Shaughnessy
Costumes: Cecily Oliver and Marisa MacKay
Acknowledgements: Bobbi Foudree also dances with Kacico

B-Ray Entertainment - Hip Hop

(Proofs via 7 thumbnail pages) "Hip Hop in the Park" - Hip Hop
Choreography: Bobby Ray
Music: Chris Brown
Dancers: Bobby Ray, JQ, David, Samantha, Ianna, Madison, Marti, Laura
Acknowledgements: Special thanks to City in Motion Dance Theatre and Ibsen Dance Theatre

Wylliams/Henry Danse Theatre

(Proofs via 6 thumbnail pages) - "Rippling Souls" (excerpt) - Modern
Choreography: Vincent Brosseau
Music: Kodo
Dancers: Katie Jenkins, Anthony DeCarlis, Christina Mowrey and Joe Pilgrim
Costumes: Vincent Brosseau

Louis & Laura - tango

(Proofs via 9 thumbnail pages)
"La Compasita" - music: Roxanne (Moulin Rouge)
"Milongo" - music: Tango Lorca
Choreography: Louis Bar and Laura Cantu
Dancers: Louis Bar and Laura Cantu


Intermission - 10 minutes

940 Dance Company

(Proofs via 6 thumbnail pages) "Coffee Clutch" - Modern
Choreography and costumes: Susan Warden
Music: G. Verdi
Dancers: Tuesday Faust, Michael Ingle, Kathleen O'Connor and Josh Gregory (who also performs with Kacico Dance)
Acknowledgements: Lawrence Arts Center

Tuesday Faust, Josh Gregory, Kathleen O'Conner, Michael Ingle : rehearsal 8 Sept - desperate for coffee, just off to the left of the photo.

Kathleen (edge), Michael, Tuesday, Josh (behind)

Tuesday, Josh, Kathleen, Michael - "Tragic" reaction to the end of the coffee

Swingsters - Louis & Co.

(Proofs via 10 thumbnail pages) "The Battle of the Salsa/Swing" - Salsa and Swing
Choreography: Louis Bar
Music: Dave Stephens
Dancers: Salsa: Louis & Laura, Mario & Kellie, Kyle & Whitney, Oscar & Carla. Swing: Mark & Jessica, Chad & Toni, Andrew & Brianna, Daniel & Kim


(Proofs via 8 thumbnail pages) (untitled) - contemporary pointe
Choreography: Michelle Diane Brown
Music: Outkast
Dancers: Kathryn Cowan, Bobbi Foudree, Shandi Miller
Costumes: Michelle Diane Brown


(Proofs via 9 thumbnail pages) - "The Slave Girl's Night Out" - Middle Eastern
Choreography: Jo Anne Zingo-Hargis
Music: Conan the Barbarian soundtrack
Dancers: Barbara Beckett, Alison Flannery, Stephanie Hamby, Lori Hanson, Trinae Joler, Jana Rittenhouse, Amy Urbauer, Jo Anne Zingo-Hargis
Costumes: Zada and the dancers

Störling Dance Company

(Proofs via 7 thumbnail pages) - "Basic Bird" - Modern
Choreography: Stephen Wynne
Music: Willie & Lobo
Dancers: Amber Voss, Tobin James, Tawney Gentry, Elizabeth Rudd, Courtney Bourman, Danielle Stubbs, Shannon Mortimer, Chrystalyn Moulden
Costumes: Mona Störling-Enna

Madison-Cannon Project

(Proofs via 9 thumbnail pages) - "Come Together" - modern
Choreography: Sabrina Madison-Cannon
Music: Crosspulse
Dancers: Ronald Belger, Ben Biswell, Matt Carney, Anthony DeCarlis, Chris Paige, Rodni Williams
Costumes: Sabrina Madison-Cannon
Acknowledgements: This project was made possible in part through the support of the UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance, Division of Dance.

(L-R) Chris Paige, Anthony DeCarlis, Rodni Williams, Matt Carney (front, center)), Ron Belger, Ben Biswell (right)

Rodni Willliams, Ben Biswell, Ron Belger

Anthony DeCarlis and Matt Carney (front), Rodni Williams

Matt Carney

Soundz of Africa - Traditional Music Society

(Proofs via 8 thumbnail pages)
Choreography: Vanessa Gibbs
Dancers: Vanessa Gibbs, Keisha Davis, Shelly Witherspoon, Taylor Brown, Kashe Adams, Andrea Williams
Drummers: Bird Fleming, Cheikh Gueye, D.J. Malabe, Alex Morgan, Sean Sykes, Donviamante Williams
Costumes: Cheikh Gueye
Acknowledgements: Danny Hinds and Nzingha Camdra



Dance in the Park

Photos - 8 and 9 September 2006

Tech and Dress Rehearsals 8 and 9 Sept
Performance 9 Sept
Roanoke Park, Kansas City, Missouri

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