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A Modern Night At The Folly

January 14, 2006

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Production Staff

Production Director
Beth Byrd-Lonski
Technical Director / Lighting Designer
John "Moose" Kimball
Stage Manager
Cecilia Rog
Folly Technical Director
David Tebow
Folly Technicians
Members of IATSE Local 31
Mike Strong
Program Design
Esther Boyd
Printing Services
Roo Prints UMKC
Moxie Catering

Tuesday Faust

House of Yesterday's Events

Choreography Tuesday Faust
Music Mum
Costume Peregrine Honig
Dancer Tuesday Faust
Video Artist Nate Bogert

Matt Carney, Ron Belger, Jared Solace, Anthony DeCarlis, Ben Biswell, Chris Page

Come Together

Choreography Sabrina Madison-Cannon
Music Phillip Glass and Crosspulse
Lighting Designer Lisa Weinshrott
Costumes Sabrina Madison-Cannon
Dancers Ron Belger, Matt Carney, Anthony DeCarlis, Ben Biswell, Chris Page, Jered Solace

Lying, Cheating, Stealing

Choreography Susan Rieger
Music David Lang
Costumes Atif Rome
Dancers Members of aha! dance theatre: Hayley Cherveny, Carla Pellman, Crystal Robins, Ann Shaughnessy Gordon, Understudy: Sarah Mermis Payne
I wish to thank the dancers in this piece, along with Sarah Mermis Payne, who were all integrally involved in the choreographic process and have influenced this piece greatly.

Michelle Diane Brown

Restless Leg Syndrome

Choreography Michelle Diane Brown
Music Edvard Grieg
Costumes Michelle Diane Brown
Dancer Michelle Diane Brown

Kathleen O'Conner, Josh Gregory, Michael Ingle, Bridget Bartholome

Coffee Clutch

Choreography Susan Warden
Music G. Verdi
Costumes Susan Warden
Dancers 940 Dance Company: Bridget Bartholome, Kathleen O'Conner, Michael Ingle, Josh Gregory (also dances with Kacico Dance)
Dedicated to my husband, John - coffee maker/drinker extraordinaire! Thanks to the Lawrence Arts Center

Ann Shaughnessey Gordon

Time Sequence

Choreography Andrea Skowronek
Music Toshi Ichiyanagi, orchestrated by Jeffrey Ruckma
Costumes Julie Forsyth
Dancers Katie Cowen, Kelly Dacey, Jaenae Egersett, Dale Fellin, Ann Shaughnessey Gordon, Joanna Strom, Stephanie Whittler
I would like to acknowledge the dancers for their creative input as well as the musicians of New Ear Music Ensemble.

Work Harder, Stupid

Choreography Malinda Crump
Music Steve Reich
Costumes Malinda Crump
Dancers Kalen Compernolle, Malinda Crump, Traci Davis, Tuesday Faust, Bobbi Foudree, Shandi Miller, Sarah Mermis Payne
Tuesday Faust appears courtesy of 940 Dance Company.
Bobbi Foudree and Shandi Miller appear courtesy of Kacico Dance.
Sarah Mermis Payne appears courtesy of aha! dance theatre.

Jennifer Medina

Facades of an Indeterminate Nature

Choreography Jennifer Medina
Music Patty Griffin
Costumes Jennifer Medina
Dancer Jennifer Medina
This piece was originally created for the Atrek Impulse Summer Dance Intensive, 2004 in St. Louis, MO.

Djembe Kaan African Percussion Ensemble, Chris Cowen Mathew Powell, Catherine Barnickel, Keelan Whitmore


Choreography Keelan Whitmore
Composer Djembe Kaan African Percussion Ensemble
Lighting Designer Margaret Spare
Multi-Media/Film Anthony Magliano
Live Video Operator Adam Seitz
Musicians Djembe Kaan African Percussion Ensemble
Costumes Lisa Choules, Sarah Woodruff, Garrett Peek, Charles Bloom, Molly Hawthorn
Dancers Kimberly Cowen, Catherine Barnickel, Mathew Powell, Keelan Whitmore
This piece premiered at the Priest of Pallas Ball, in Union Station, October 14, 2005. The dancers appear courtesy of Kansas City Ballet

Dance Review
Written for the UNews by Nicole English with a UMKC angle:

Large Audience for MNF-06

By Nicole English;

Photos by Mike Strong

UMKC Conservatory Dance Students perform an all-male dance suite, "Come Together", choreographed by Professor Sabrina Madison-Cannon. In front: Chris Page, Left to right behind: Matt Carney, Anthony DeCarlis, Jared Solace, Ben Biswell, Ron Belger

Curtain time was late at the City in Motion Dance Theater annual production of "A Modern Night at the Folly" Theater this year due to the large amount of unexpected walk-ins just before the 8pm show time on Saturday, Jan. 14th. Of the 340 or so attendees, over half purchased tickets at the door and had to be seated. This unexpected development delayed the curtain for a short time, but was a very pleasing development for the performers and producers of the show.

Despite the minor delay, the audience was in store for a delightful and innovative performance. Prominent members of the dance community were all in attendance, including William Whitener of the Kansas City Ballet, Mary Pat Henry of the Wylliams/Henry Danse Theatre, Michael Hogg of KKFI Community Radio, Billie Mahoney formerly of UMKC and Julliard, Lauren Whittaker, Liz Jeans, and David Ollington, choreographer and writer for both eKC Magazine (KCActive.com online) and the KC Star. All had connections with the performers and producers of the show and turned out in support of the performances.

First on the bill was a solo by well-known Kansas City performer and choreographer, Tuesday Faust, who performed her own work to the music of Mum and in a billowy white costume designed by artist Peregrine Honig of the Fahrenheit Gallery. Edgy and innovative, the piece integrated the use of video performance projected on a screen, created by video artist, Nate Bogert. The resulting effect had Faust performing in counter-point with herself. This creative use of integrated video performance was well received with thunderous applause by the audience.

"I loved the interaction with the camera," said Conservatory grad student, Christina Walker. "It was a really interesting piece."

The next number was a repeat performance of a dance piece choreographed by UMKC Dance Faculty, Sabrina Madison-Cannon, titled "Come Together", after the Beatles' song, with music performed by Phillip Glass and Crosspulse. This piece is an innovative, all-male ensemble, featuring Ron Belger (Sophomore), Matt Carney (Junior), Anthony DeCarlis (Junior), Ben Biswell (Junior), Chris Page (Freshman), and Jered Solace (Junior). This performance was particularly interesting to watch because it was performed this time with the addition of a freshman dance student.

"It was an honor to performing at the Folly Theatre, and surrounded by so many amazing dancers," said Freshman Dance Major, Chris Page.

The piece is a brilliant example of male ensemble choreography, so often overlooked in mainstream concert work. It is rough and athletic masculine dancing at some of its best, yet it is emotionally expressive in a bare, gritty sort of way. It gives the impression of rare display of raw male pulchritude.

"It was energetic, yet hypnotic," said KKFI Radio personality, Michael Hogg about the suite. "It draws you in, yet it was very rough and tumble at the same time."

The muscular dancing was also appreciated by the audience which applauded so loudly for so long, that the performers were required to take a double set of bows, which is relatively unprecedented for piece presented early in a concert. The enthusiasm of the audience also inspired the performers.

"It was a wonderful experience," said Sophomore Dancer, Ron Belger. "There was so much adrenaline coming from the audience."

The next piece was titled "Lying, Cheating, Stealing" and was choreographed by Susan Rieger, Artistic Director for Aha! Dance Theatre, with music by David Lang. This piece featured UMKC instructor Ann Shaughnessy Gordon, as well as Hayley Cherveny, Carla Pellman, Crystal Robins, and Understudy, Sarah Mermis Payne. This was a traditional barefoot Modern Dance ensemble that featured an angular style of Modern along with abstract music, and dressed in colorful modern dance attire. This piece featured interesting, creative body lifts and group ensemble work.

The next dance was a solo titled "Restless Leg Syndrome" performed by choreographer, Michelle Diane Brown, Artistic Director of Kacico Dance, to the music of Edvard Grieg. This was a cute, playful number that was very well received by the youngsters in the audience. Dressed in a white sheath with metallic shimmering fringe reminiscent of a Mid-East Beledi dress, the piece represented someone trying to keep restless legs under control to keep them from breaking out in spontaneous shimmies. The humor portrayed elicited lots of chuckles from the audience.

Next on the program was "Coffee Clutch", choreographed by Susan Warden, Artistic Director of the 940 Dance Company, and performed to music by Verdi. This was a novel melodramatic parody danced by two couples to high opera. This over-the-top fun performance brought much appreciative laughter from the audience.

After Intermission, the first number up was "Time Sequence" choreographed by City in Motion veteren, Andrea Skowronek, and again featuring UMKC dance instructor, Ann Shaughnessey Gordon, along with Katie Cowen, Kelly Dacey, Jaenae Egersett, Dale Fellin, Joanna Strom, and Stephanie Whittler. This classical Modern Dance suite featured angular movements and abstract music creating an intense emotional tension that was reflected in the choreography, with expressive and athletic combinations of unusual ensemble body placements and lifts.

"We were really thrilled to finally get this production on stage," said Skowronek. "And I was really pleased with everything in the performance."

The next number was a piece by choreographer, Malinda Crump, titled "Work Harder, Stupid", which again featured dancer, Tuesday Faust, along with Bobbi Foudree, Shandi Miller, and Sarah Mermis Payne. This piece had an almost oriental feel in music and movement. The engaging and hypnotic music for the suite was composed by Steve Reich.

Next in the program was a solo created and performed by UMKC Conservatory Dance Faculty, Jennifer Medina. Medina's work typically has a feminist feel to it, as did this piece. First performing to folk guitar music, Medina transcended into expressive moves to gospel music that was reminiscent of her ensemble work. The piece got the audience wound up and they expressed their enthusiasm for the work in loud applause.

"The performance felt great," said Medina later, despite feeling poorly earlier in the day. "And I was so pleased with the positive response... we were so shocked that everything went off so well...!"

The last number was another creative use of multimedia and live performance. Titled "Frauala" and performed to live music by the local Djembe Kaan African Percussion Ensemble, this was a beautifully executed suite choreographed by Kansas City Ballet member, Keelan Whitmore. This piece premiered at the Priest of Pallas Ball, in Union Station, on October 14, 2005. Whitmore not only choreographed, but he performed in the piece, along with other members of the Ballet, Kimberly Cowen, and Catherine Barnickel, Mathew Powell. The dancers appear courtesy of Kansas City Ballet. The innovative use of live camera featured multimedia artist, Anthony Magliano and live video operator, Adam Seitz.

Dressed in red loincloths, these excellent dancers presented an intense, in-the-moment, organic performance that almost overwhelmed the senses. The choreography had drama and interesting interaction with the live camera projected on the screen overhead. Usually multimedia performances seem merely additive props, but this performance intelligently integrated the media in a novel way, with representation of the dance presented along with the live performance in real time, intersected with cut-ins of edited pieces, giving a surreal, yet heightened experience. Adding more elements does not always add to a performance, but in this case, the components were solid and self-sufficient, yet integrated, making for a strong interactive final product.

A number of patrons expressed their admiration for the program at the reception after the concert.

"They really had some very interesting pieces this year," said local filmmaker, Phil Cacioppo.

"There were some really great pieces this time, with some heavy and intense music," said Conservatory grad student, Christina Walker. "This concert was very different from the previous ones... but it was a great show."

This admiration was reflected by the experience of the performers themselves.

"We were so glad to be a part of this concert... everyone is so nice," said Medina. "We would do it again anytime."


Websites for more information:

UMKC Conservatory of Music: http://www.umkc.edu/conservatory/performance.asp
City in Motion: http://www.CityInMotion.org

Nicole English: EnglishN@umkc.edu

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