From "Blue" - Dereque Whiturs and DeeAnna Hiett

Wylliams/Henry Danse Theatre
2006 Spring Dance Concert

12, 13, 14 May 2005 (Fri/Sat) 8:00 PM
Performance and Rehearsal (12th) Pictures
White Recital Hall, UMKC Performing Arts Center

Paula Weber
Ludwig van Beethoven
Costume Design
Paula Weber
Costume Construction
Laura Powell
Holly DeWitt, DeeAnna Hiett, Christina Mowrey, Joe Pilgram, Jerome Stigler, Dereque Whiturs
Martha Clarke
Felix Mendelssohn
Costume Design
Martha Clarke
Karah Abiog
( No pictures of "Nocturne")
Letters Never Sent
Erika Randall
Sonnerie de St. Genevieve du Mont-de-Paris by Marin Marais
Costume Design
Erika Randall
Costume Construction
Judy McElroy
Dancers Karah Abiog, Holly DeWitt, DeeAnna Hiett, Jennifer Medina, Christina Mowrey
Mary Pat Henry
Steven Reich
Costume Design
Antonia Ford Roberts
Costume Construction Sarah Oliver, Laura Powell, Judy McElroy
Set Design & Projection Brad Kanouse, Brian MacLean, Jeff Roudabush
Lighting Design & Projection Implementation Rocco D'Santi
Projectionist Jerod Bray

Matt Carney, DeeAnna Hiett, Christina Mowrey, Jennifer Medina, Joe Pilgram, Jerome Stigler, Dereque Whiturs, Rodni Williams

Ron Belger, Jennifer Phillips, Jered Solace, Kaely Tieri

Special thanks to Lindsay W. Davis and the Theatre MFA Costume and Design Students for their generous collaboration and creativity in the development and production of Trains and to Victor Tan for his generous support of this project.
For The Good Olde Times
Leni Wylliams
Roberta Flack
Costume Design
Mary Pat Henry, Leni Wylliams
Joe Pilgram, Jerome Stiglar, Dereque Whiturs, Rodni Williams
Cyclical Hour
Dwight Rhoden
Choreographer Assistant / Rehearsal Director Karah Abiog
Astor Piazzolla
Costume Design
Miho Morinoue
Costume Construction Laura Powell
Lighting Design Michael Korsch
Karah Abiog, Holly DeWitt, Edward Franklin, DeeAnna Hiett, Jennifer Medina, Christina Mowrey, Jerome Stigler, Dereque Whiturs


Wylliams/Henry Danse Theatre
Spring 2006

Artistic Director
Mary Pat Henry

Leni Wylliams

Assistant Director
Paula Weber

Grant Administrator
Rick Malsick

Administrative Assistant
Jered Solace

The Company
Karah Abiog, Holly DeWitt, Edward Franklin, DeeAnna Hiett, Jennifer Medina, Joe Pilgram,
Jerome Stigler, Dereque Whiturs, Rodni Williams

Christina Mowrey

Wylliams/Henry Danse Theatre Production Staff
Lighting Designer - Jim Primm
Lighting Assistant - Jennifer Felbo
Light Board Operator - Jim Primm
Sound - Andy Driscoli
Stage Manager - Kaely Tieri
Tech Crew - Jessi Fouts, Cat Johnson, Amanda McMasters, Jennifer Phillips
Kaely Tieri, Audrey Lang, Natalie Wise

Wylliams/Henry Danse Theatre is Artist in Residence
at the Conservatory of Music, University of Missouri Kansas City

WHDT Board of Directors
Chairman - Carol B. Bayer
Vice-Chairman - Caroline French
Secretary - Sandra Scott
Treasurer - Stephen White

Carolyn Cameron
Dr. David Donovan
Jeanin Glore
Mary Pat Henry
Geri Higgins
Carolyn Holtman
Joan and Bernie Levine
Janine Mutchnick
Carole and Ron Philgreen
Michael Shook
David Stephens
Paula Weber

Advisory Board
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Chappell
Elizabeth Danforth
Anthony M. Galvan, Jr.




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