Wylliams-Henry Contemporary Dance Company

September 2012 Concert

Sept 15, 16, 2012
White Recital Hall, UMKC Campus in the Performing Arts Center (PAC)

This is the start of Wylliams-Henry's 21st Season

The Program

Whispering Bench by Mary Pat Henry
Holly DeWitt, Shanna Colbern, Hassan Ingraham, (below) Purcell Turner, (back) Michele Cox, Ed Franklin, (back) Miyesha McGriff, Joe Pilgram
Whispering Bench by Mary Pat Henry

“Whispering Bench”

Choreography: Mary Pat Henry
Music: Traditional Appalachian Music
Musician: Yo Yo Ma
Costumes: Judy Phieffer
Dancers: Shanna Colbern, Michele Cox, Holly DeWitt, Edward Franklin, Hassam Ingraham, Miyesha
McGriff, Joseph Pilgram, Purcell Turner

Behavior by Gary Abbott- Winston Brown, DeeAnna Hiett
Winston Dynamite Brown, DeeAnnaHiett


Choreography: Gary Abbott
Music: Ingram Marshall
Costumes: Gary Abbott
Dancers: Winston Dynamite Brown, DeeAnnaHiett

"If we would take a moment to walk in the path of someone's life that is not our own, what would happen? Would we understand ourselves better?"

E. what You Say by Winston Brown
Elizabeth Lane, Michael Tomlinson, Purcell Turner

“E. what SAY YOU”

Choreography: Winston Dynamite Brown
Music: Eugene Ysaye
Musician: Elizabeth Lane
Costumes: Winston Dynamite Brown
Dancers: Brittany Duskin, Kassan Ingraham, Michael Tomlinson, Purcell Turner

From W/H release: "... a world premiere to the music of Eugene Ysaye  with guest artist Elizabeth Lane, Artistic Director of Bach Aria Soloist. This premiere is a play on the idea of a new court set in modern times. Ritual, relating, sharing, leading and following made up the sense of community for all walks of life. Inspired by the beautiful musical interpretation by Elizabeth Lane, this work for two couples is unique collaboration recreating the elements of a Renaissance Court in today’s age."

Diversion of Angels
Diversion of Angels
Diversion of Angels
Purcell Turner (front) with Michael Tomlinson and Ed Franklin
Diversion Of Angels
Brittany Duskin in Diversion of Angels
Brittany Duskin

“Diversion of Angels’

Choreographer: Martha Graham
Repetiteur: Miki Orihara
Music: Norman DelloJoio
Costumes: Martha Graham
Dancers: Winston Dynamite Brown, Shanna Colbern, Michele Cox, Holly DeWitt, Brittany Duskin, Edward Franklin, Kassan Ingraham, Miyshea McGriff, Alessandra Perdichizzi, Michael Tomlinson, Purcell Turner

(quotes from the program - next two paragraphs)
"It is the place of the Rock and the Ladder, the raven, the blessing, the tempter, the rose. It is the wish of the single-hearted, the undivided: play after spirit's labor: games, flights, fancies, configurations of the lover's intention: the beloved Possiblity, at once strenuous and tender: humors of innocence, garlands, evangels, Joy on the wilderness stair; diversion of angels."-Ben Belitt The capitals are as the poem was written and not a mistake

The dance follows no story. Its action takes place in the imaginary garden love creates for itself. Martha Graham described Diversion of Angels as the three aspects of love: the white couple represents mature love in perfect balance; red, erotic love; and yellow, adolescent love.

- Intermission -

Evidence of Souls Not Seen by Leni Wylliams
Hassan Ingraham, Michael Tomlinson

“Evidence of Souls Not Seen”

Choreography: Leni Wylliams
Music: Gustav Mahler and Edward Elgar
Costumes: Leni Wylliams
Dancers: Winston Dynamite Brown, Hassan Ingraham, Michael Tomlinson

From W/H release: "Poignant men’s trio honoring those who have passed on and their spirit and love that remains with us."

Variations by Milton Myers
Michele Cox, Shanna Colbern


Choreography: Milton Myers
Music: William Catanzano
Costumes: Milton Myers
Costume Construction: Laura Powell
Dancers: Michele Cox, Shanna Colbern, Holly DeWitt, Brittany Duskin

From W/H release: "... showcases the technical prowess of the four dancers. Resembling chess game and a series of check and checkmate movements, the dancers leap, and turn and explodes with relentless energy on stage."

Sweet in the Morning
Winston Dynamite Brown

"Sweet In The Morning"

Choreography: Leni Wylliams
Music: Bobby McFarrin
Costumes: Leni Wylliams
Dancer: Winston Dynamite Brown


“Moore in Time”

Choreography: Mary Pat Henry
Music: Tan Dun, Symphony 1997
Costumes: Antonia Ford Roberts
Costume Construction: Laura Powell
Projection Design: Greg Casparian
Projection Sculptures: Henry Moore
Dancers: Winston Dynamite Brown, Shanna Colbern, Michele Cox, Holly DeWitt, Brittany Duskin, Ed­ward Franklin, DeeAnna Hiett, Kassan Ingraham, Miyesha McGriff, Michael Tomlinson, Purcell Turner

From W/H release: "Multi-media work inspired by the sculptures of renowned artist, Henry Moore. Dancers become kinetic images of abstract shapes in inter-related formations. With an emotional connection to each other, the dancers hurl themselves through space in daring lifts and intricate partnering against the images of Henry Moore."



Below are a few pictures from rehearsal of "Diversion of Angels."
I think one of the amazing items about this piece is that it still feels fresh.
At least part of that fresh feel is that you can see directly what Graham created rather than
watching derivative works by later artists who copied her, conciously or otherwise.
This is a 1948 choreography and you also see a lot of moves which show up later
(make that still) in choreography from later choreographers, as part of the modern canon, so to speak,
including, of course, Paul Taylor who was a Graham soloist before starting his own company.

After The Run Through of Graham's "Diversion of Angels" Sat. Sept. 1

All the Wylliams/Henry dancers in "Diversion .." with Graham principal dancer and repetiteur, Miki Orihara before she goes back.
Peering around the door is dancer Latra Wilson (Winston's wife). Left to right, Winston Brown (on knee),
(top) Hassan Ingraham, Holly DeWitt, Ed Franklin, Miki Orihara, Michael Tomlinson,
Purcell Turner, Brittany Duskin, Michele Cox, Alessandra Perdichizzi Shanna Colbern, Miyesha McGriff.

(top row) Hassan Ingraham, Holly DeWitt, Ed Franklin, Purcell Turner, Brittany Duskin, Michael Tomlinson,
(front row) Winston Brown, Michele Cox, Shanna Colbern, Alessandra Perdichizzi, Miyesha McGriff.

Studio Rehearsal at Bolender - Tues Aug. 28

Graham company dancer Miki Orihara directs W/H dancers in rehearsal for Diversion Of Angels - at KC Ballet's Todd Bolender Center 28 August 2012. Miki is one of Graham's principal dancers and has been with that company since 1987 as well as doing independent work.

Miki Orihara
Miki Orihara and Winston Brown



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